2018 Resolutions

02-05-18 Resolution in Support of SAG-AFTRA Workers at KGO

02-12-18 Resolution Regarding the Verdict in Zarate Trial

02-12-18 Resolution to Call for Rejection of Trump Nomination of FedEx VP Scott Mugno for Chief of OSHA

02-12-18 Resolution in Defense of Academic Freedom for Professor Abdulhadi

02-12-18 Resolution to Free Mumia Abu-Jamal

02-12-18 Resolution Calling for a Clean Dream Act Now

02-12-18 Resolution Endorsing the Effort to Revive MLK’s Poor People’s Campaign

02-12-18 Resolution on Redstone Labor Temple

03-12-18 Resolution on the Northern California Tour of Colombian Trade Union Leader Nidia Quintero

03-12-18 Resolution to Spur Mass Action in the Fight against Austerity and the Domination of the Banks

04-09-18 Resolution in Support of 2018 Workers Memorial Day on April 29, 2018

04-09-18 Resolution to Sacramento DA Schubert and Judge McCormick Urging Them to Drop Charges against Felarca, Williams & Paz

05-07-18 Resolution for Action on the Day the Janus Ruling is Announced

05-07-08 Resolution Against the Torture and Deportation of Filipino Activist Jerome Aba

05-14-18 Resolution to Oppose Retaliation against SEIU 1021 Member Cheryl Thornton & Opposition to Workplace Bullying and Racist Discrimination in the City and County of San Francisco

06-11-18 Statement of Policy Honoring Fred Pecker

06-11-18 Resolution for a Full Investigation into the Case of Kevin Cooper and a Reprieve from the Death Penalty

07-09-18 Resolution to Endorse the Mobilization on September 8th in SF: CA Rise for Climate, Jobs & Justice

07-09-18 Resolution Condemning the Human Rights Violations of the Trump Administration & Republicans of Removing Children from Their Families

08-06-18 Resolution on the Need for a Just Solution to the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

08-13-18 Resolution Condemning NutriAsia’s Labor Violations & Violence against Striking Workers

08-13-18 Resolution in Support of Building the Performing Arts & Education Center at CCSF

08-13-18 Resolution: CMS Assault on Homecare Workers, 2018, is Act One of a New Round of Attack on all Healthcare & Public Sector Workers

09-10-18 Resolution in Support of the September 29 Global Day of Action for the Driscoll’s Boycott & in Support of the San Quintin Farm Workers

10-02-18 Resolution Affirming the AFL-CIO Statement against Privatization and in Support of a Public Postal Service

11-26-18 Resolution to Sustain and Fully Fund Free City

11-26-18 Resolution Opposing Parts of the SFMTA Draft Taxi Medallion Reform Package

11-26-18 Resolution to Stop Racism and Privatization/Outsourcing of Public Services in the City & County of San Francisco

11-26-18 Resolution Opposing the USMCA Renegotiated Agreement & Insisting on Further Changes through Continued Negotiations

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