2016 Resolutions

01-11-16 Resolution on Midtown Park Apartments

01-11-16 Resolution Calling on the ACCJC to Grant CCSF Full Accreditation

01-11-16 Statement Adopted by the San Francisco Labor Council

02-01-16 Resolution in Support of Journalists in Turkey

02-08-16 Resolution in Support of Janitors to Hold Preferred Building Services Accountable

02-08-16 Resolution for a Labor Action to Stop Flint’s Poisoned Water Crisis and Hold Michigan’s Governor Accountable

02-08-16 Resolution to Stand with the Haitian People and Overturn the Stolen Election

02-08-16 Resolution in Support of the Maquiladora Worker Protests in Juarez, Mexico

03-14-16 Resolution in Support of Labor in the Schools Pilot Program

03-14-16 Resolution on the Death of Berta Caceres & the Detention of Gustavo Castro Soto in Honduras

04-11-16 Resolution for Free City & the Educational Access San Franciscans Deserve

04-11-16 Resolution on Workers Memorial Day 2016

05-02-16 Resolution Opposing the Unfolding Coup in Brazil and in Support of Democracy and Labor Rights

05-09-16 Resolution in Support of the “Frisco Five” Hunger Strikers

05-09-16 Resolution in Support of Building a “Better Beast” at 2000 Bryant Street

05-09-16 Resolution Calling for Enactment of a Citywide Project Labor Agreement Policy

05-09-16 Resolution to Drop the Charges Against UC Berkeley Student John Penilla

06-27-16 Resolution to Support Worker & Youth Uprising in France

06-27-16 Resolution Demanding the Immediate Release of SEIU 87 Member Azid Abozaid from a Saudi Arabian Prison

06-27-16 Resolution of Support for the “Comfort Women” Memorial & Opposition to the Militarization of Asia

07-11-16 Resolution of Support for the Teachers of Mexico

08-01-16 Resolution Concerning Kaiser’s Anti-Union Behavior in Recent Organizing of Nor Cal Home Health Physical & Occupational Therapists

08-01-16 Resolution on the Mario De La Torre Academy & Job Training Program

10-03-16 Resolution in Support of School of Americas Watch Convergence at US/Mexico Border

10-03-16 Resolution on UC Outsourcing

11-14-17 Resolution on Reaffirmation of the SFLC’s Commitment to Immigrant Workers & Families

11-14-16 Resolution to Defend NALC Local 214 Chief Steward Angela Bibb-Merritt and Resist Workplace Bullying

12-13-17 Resolution Calling on Gap to Act on the Labor Dispute at its Philippine Supplier Factory Faremo

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