2015 Resolutions

01/12/15 Resolution Calling for the Acquittal of Korean Journalists

01/12/15 Resolution in Support of the National Lawyers Guild Delegation to Columbia

04/06/15 Resolution for the Rights of Nonprofit Workers

04/06/15 Resolution in Support of Agreement between United Steelworkers and North America Building Trades Unions

04/13/15 Resolution in Support of the SEWOL campaign, Endorsing Workers Rights Day, and Against the TPP

04/13/15 Resolution Supporting the National Day of Action for Medicare’s 50th Birthday

05/11/15 Resolution in Support of SF Catholic High School Teachers

05/11/15 Resolution for No Labor Money to Supporters of Fast Track/TPP

06/08/15 Resolution in Support of Black Lives Matter Movement

06/08/15 Resolution Regarding Greece & Europe

07/13/15 Resolution Supporting Eviction Protection Legislation

08/10/15 Resolution in Support of Farm Workers in San Quintin (Mexico) and Skagit County (Washington State)

08/10/15 Resolution to Defend the Right of Journalists & Other Members of the Public to Attend Meetings of the CA Health & Safety & Workers’ Comp Commission

10/26/15 Resolution Supporting the 2nd Annual Howard Zinn Book Fair on November 15, 2015

10/26/15 Resolution to Save the Life of Mumia Abu-Jamal from ‘Medical Neglect’ in Prison

11/2/15 Resolution Regarding Friedrichs v. California Teachers Association 

12/14/15 Resolution on Police Shooting of Mario Woods

12/14/15 Resolution Supporting Midtown Tenants

12/14/15 Resolution Regarding Friedrich’s v. California Teachers Association



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