2014 Resolutions

01-13-14 Resolution in Support of a $15 Minimum Wage in San Francisco

01-13-14 Resolution Urging Suspension of Further Deportations, Extending Deferred Action for Childhood Arrival Program and Ending the Firings of Undocumented Workers

01-13-14 Resolution Calling on CPMC Sutter to Recognize & Bargain with CNA, Stop Delay Tactics and Harassment of Union Leaders

01-13-14 Resolution Urging the Judicial Council Use a Ways & Means Method to Insure Sufficient Funding of the Courts

01-27-14 Resolution of Solidarity in Support of an International Day of Protest Against the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) on 1/31/14

02-10-14 Resolution in Support of the Annual March in March & Making Defense of Community Colleges a Key Demand of the March

02-10-14 Resolution to Support Korean Railway Workers

05-12-14 Resolution in Support of AB 1839

05-12-14 Resolution on Venezuela

05-12-14 Resolution on Ukraine & Russia

06-09-14 Resolution to Support Postal Worker, Boycott Staples

06-09-14 Resolution in Defense of Labor & Community Studies, the Diversity Collaborative, Other Affected Departments & the Department Chairperson Council of CCSF

07-14-14 Resolution to Rescind 06-09-14 Resolution Regarding KPFA

07-14-14 Resolution Endorsing the Retail Workers Bill of Rights

08-11-14 Resolution in Support of the Boston School Bus Drivers Union

08-25-14 Statement on Israel-Gaza Conflict

09-08-14 Resolution in Support of the Northern California People’s Climate Rally

09-08-14 Statement about the Ongoing Events in Ferguson, Missouri

10-27-14 Resolution Calling on CPMC Sutter to Bargain in Good Faith with NUHW

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