2013 Resolutions

01-14-13 Resolution to End Gun Violence

01-14-13 Resolution Regarding Sutter Health & Need for Behavioral Health Services

02-04-13 Resolution to Support the California Homeless Bill of Rights & Fairness (AB5, Ammiano)

02-04-13 Resolution in Support of the Struggle at City College

02-04-13 Resolution in Support of a Road Map to Citizenship for Aspiring Americans

02-11-13 Resolution Declaring Solidarity with the Salvadoran Labor Movement’s Fight against the US-Backed Public-Private Partnership Law

02-11-13 Resolution Calling on President Obama to Award Fred Ross Sr. the Presidential Medal of Freedom

02-11-13 Resolution on Justice for Alan Blueford

03-04-13 Resolution on Continuing Fair Tax Work

03-04-13 Resolution in Support of Robin Hood Tax Campaign

03-04-13 Resolution Concerning PG&E’s Anti-Union Bargaining Tactics against ESC Local 20, IFPTE

03-04-13 Resolution in Support of First Responders

03-11-13 Resolution Supporting an Ordinance Setting Standards for Consideration of Background Checks by Employers and Housing Providers in order to Expand Access to Housing and Employment for People with Arrest or Conviction Records

03-11-13 Resolution Opposing the Fast Tracking of TIC’s to Condos

04-01-13 Resolution Regarding Health Industry Transparency & Accountability

04/08/13 Resolution Regarding Immigration Reform

04/08/13 Resolution in Support of Domestic Workers Rights

04/08/13 Resolution in Support of Labor Rights in Iraq

04/08/13 Resolution in Support of Workers at the Viomichanki Metaleutiki Factory in Greece

05/06/13 Resolution Supporting the 1st Annual CCSF AB540 Graduation

05/06/13 Resolution in Support of the Northern California Demonstration on 7/2/13 and the 8/24/13 Rally in DC

05/13/13 Resolution in Support of a Labor-Friendly CCA Proposal for San Francisco

05/13/13 Resolution in Support of SB 283

05/13/13 Resolution in Support of SB 672

05/13/13 Resolution on Healthcare Industry Transparency and Accountability

06/03/13 Resolution in Support of an Independent Labor Movement

06/10/13 Resolution to Defend Labor & the Working People of Turkey

07/08/13 Resolution for Streaming AFL-CIO Conventions on the Internet and/or TV & for Creation of a Permanent AFL-CIO National Labor Internet TV Channel

08/12/13 Resolution on Trayvon Martin

08/12/13 Resolution in Support of  Marcus Books

08/12/13 Resolution on Foreclosure Crisis, Big Banks and Their Impact on Union Pension Fund Investments

09/23/13 Resolution in Solidarity with Bay Area Transit Workers

09/23/13 Resolution Urging the President & Congress to Uphold their Promise for Unions to Keep their Current Healthcare Plans Under the ACA

10/28/13 Resolution on CPMC Sutter Union Busting and Supporting the Pacific Campus Nurses’ Right to Organize

10/28/13 Resolution in Support of Striking Sakuma Brothers Farm Workers

12/09/13 Resolution in Support of Free & Fair Elections in El Salvador

12/09/13 Resolution in Opposition to Veolia and in Support of Boston School Bus Drivers






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