2012 Resolutions

01-03-12 Resolution Supporting the Millionaires Tax Initiative

01-03-12 Resolution Endorsing Actions on March 1st & March 5th

01-09-12 Resolution Condemning Use of the U.S. Military to Escort Scab Grain Ship in Longview, WA

02-13-12 Resolution in Support of SF Redevelopment Agency Workers

02-27-12 Resolution Opposing SF’s Cooperation with the FBI & ICE Racial or Religious Profiling & Surveillance

03-12-12 Resolution in Support of May Day International Workers Day Regional March

03-12-12 Resolution Endorsing the 3/22/12 Mobilization to Demand Fair Contracts through Collective Bargaining

04-23-12 Resolution in Support of the Golden Gate Bridge Labor Coalition May Day Rally

04-23-12 Resolution in Support of a Boycott of Philippine Airlines

05-07-12 Resolution Opposing the Current Policies of NATO/G8

05-14-12 Resolution to Build a Nationwide Movement to Save the People’s Post Office

06-04-12 Resolution in Support of Fall Funding the Labor & Community Studies Program at City College of San Francisco

08-06-12 Resolution to Investigate the Establishment of a Postal Banking System

08-13-12 Resolution Regarding Ross Mirkarimi

09-10-12 Resolution Supporting the Chicago Teachers’ Union Strike

09-24-12 Resolution in Support of Prop 34

10-01-12 Resolution Supporting the “Good Jobs & Healthy Communities” Campaign

11-26-12 Resolution Calling for No Grand Bargain & to Save Social Security, Medicare & Medicaid

11-26-12 Resolution in Solidarity with South African Workers

11-26-12 Resolution in Solidarity with Colombian Workers

11-26-12 Resolution on Support of Community College of San Francisco

12-03-12 Resolution Supporting the Global Hyatt Boycott

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