2011 Resolutions

12-12-11 Resolution Endorsing a Solidarity Caravan to Longview, WA to Support ILWU 21

11-14-11 Resolution in Support of the California Faculty Association

10-24-11 Resolution on Occupy San Francisco & Occupy Wall Street

10-24-11 Resolution Endorsing November 16 Protest Action at UC Regents Meeting

10-24-11 Resolution Requesting Observers & Monitors for San Francisco Mayoral Election

10-24-11 Resolution Calling for 12/2/11 Mobilization to Defend & Expand Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid & all Social Programs

10-24-11 Resolution in Support of Philippine Airline Workers

10-24-11 Resolution to Stop Union Busting in El Salvador

09-26-11 Statement Endorsing December 3rd Actions Demanding “No Cuts!”

09-26-11 Resolution in Support of ILWU 21

09-12-11 Resolution in Defense of Troy Davis

09-12-11 Resolution in Support of Erecting a Memorial in SF to Irish Famine Victims

09-12-11 Resolution to Save the Postal Service

09-06-11 Resolution in Support of “Jobs Not Cuts” Demonstration

08-22-11 Resolution in Support of KPFA Workers

08-1-01-11 Resolution in Support of Caring Across Generations

08-01-11 Resolution in Support of the Main Street Contract

07-05-11 Resolution – Hands Off Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid

07-05-11 Resolution – Opposing Toll Lane

07-05-11 Resolution – Tay Project

07-05-11 Resolution – Peoples Budget Poll

06-06-11 Resolution – Electronic Way Bills

06-06-11 Resolution – City Build

06-06-11 Resolution – Cab Drivers Credit Charges

05-02-11 Resolution – Cab Drivers

05-02-11 Resolution – City Build

05-02-11 Resolution – Electronic Ways and Means

05-02-11 Resolution in Support of the Campaign for the Future of Higher Education

04-11-11 Resolution Endorsing May Day 2011

04-11-11 Resolution to Defend ILWU 10’s April 4 Solidarity Action

04-11-11 Resolution Calling for Withdrawal of David Crane Nomination

04-11-11 Resolution to Protect Health & Safety at CA-Osha

04-11-11 Resolution in Support of GFTU and Civilian Population in Bahrain

04-05-11 Resolution in Support of Independent Egyptian Trade Unions

03-28-11 Resolution Endorsing April 10th Anti-War Demonstration

03-14-2011 Resolution in Support of General Stike Action by GFWTU of Bahrain

03-14-2011 Resolution in Support of April 4th No Business as Usual Solidarity Actions

02/28/2011 Resolution in Support of Wisconsin Workers and Supports No Concessions

02/14/2011 Resolution in Support of Domestic Workers Rights

02/14/2011 Resolution to demand Congress amend U.S. Policy & Practice on HIV funding

01/19/2011 Resolution supporting March 19th Anti War Rally

01/24/11 Resolution Opposing the Korea-U.S. Free Trade Agreement

01/10/11 Resolution Supporting the Northern California Triangle Fire Commemoration Events

01/10/11 Resolution on Wikileaks, Julian Assange and Bradley Manning

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