2010 Resolutions

01-11-10 Resolution on March 4th Day of Action

01-11-10 Resolution in Support of Reproductive Rights

02-01-10 Resolution in Support of the Extension of Recovery Act Increase in the Federal Medical Assistance Percentage (FMAP)

02-08-10 Resolution in Support of SME

02-08-10 Resolution Commemorating the 10-Year Anniversary of the Charleston 5 & in Support of the “Jobs with Rights Now” Campaign

02-08-10 Resolution Commemorating the 75th Anniversary of the WPA

02-08-10 Resolution for Ending the Wars & in Support of March 20th Events

03-01-10 Resolution to Deliver Earthquake Aid to Haiti & Respect the Sovereignty of the Haitian People

03-15-10 Resolution for an Ad Hoc SFLC Committee to Save Public Education, Social Services and For Progressive Taxation

03-15-10 Resolution to Support Continuing the Federal Funding for Jobs Now and the Community Jobs Program and Defend the CalWORKS Program against State Budget Cuts

03-15-10 Resolution Regarding the United Nations Human Rights Council

04-05-10 Resolution Recommending Opposition to Prop 16

04-12-10 Resolution in Support of San Francisco May Day 2010 March & Rally

04-12-10 Resolution in Support of Workers Memorial Day 2010

04-12-10 Resolution in Support of April 21, 2010 Sacramento Rally for California’s Future

05-10-10 Resolution to Support and Defend the Mexican Electrical Workers Union (SME)

05-10-10 Resolution for the SFLC to Join the SF 2010 Pride Parade

05-24-10 Resolution Opposing Arizona’s Immigration Law

06-07-10 Resolution to Endorse the ADA Anniversary Celebration on July 26, 2010

06-14-10 Resolution in Support of SFSU Student Protestors

06-14-10 Resolution for an Improved Community Jobs Program

06-14-10 Resolution Regarding the Attack on the Gaza Aid Flotilla

07-12-10 Resolution in Support of an Immigration Policy based on Labor & Human Rights

07-12-10 Resolution in Support of the September 25, 2010 Educational Conference on Privatization of Public Services & Education

08-09-10 Resolution on AFL-CIO Town Hall Meetings regarding Deficit Reduction

08-09-10 Resolution in Support of Bradley Manning

09-07-10 Resoutions Supporing Full Environmental & Public Review of Redwood City Saltworks Proposal

09-13-10 Resolution Supporting ILWU October 23 Rally for Justice for Oscar Grant

09-27-10 Resolution in Support of the SF Mime Troupe National Tour in Conjunction with the 100th Anniversary of the Triangle Fire

09-27-10 Resolution Condemning FBI Raids on Trade Union, Anti-War and Solidarity Activists

10-04-10 Resolution in Support of Bringing America’s Cup to San Francisco

10-25-10 Resolution in Support of CWA 9415 Workers at KPFA

10-25-10 Resolution in Support of Puerto Rico Student Leaders Tour

11-04-10 Resolution in Support of CNA Members & Workers at CPMC

11-08-10 Commending ILWU Local Unions

11-08-10 Resolution Condemning Police Attacks on Free Speech & Assembly following 11/5/10 Oscar Grant Rally

11-22-10 Resolution Commending Jack Heyman

12-06-10 Resolution in Solidarity with the Philippine Airlines Union (PALEA)

12-13-10 Resolution Supporting Locked-Out USW 7-669 Honeywell Workers in Illinois

12-13-10 Resolution Commemorating the Lifetime of Work of Mauricio Vela

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