2009 Resolutions

01-12-09 Resolution Opposing Statewide Do Not Mail Registry

01-12-09 Resolution in Support of Public Access TV

01-12-09 Resolution Calling for a Halt to Violence against Civilians in Gaza & Israel and for Humanitarian Aid to Civilians in Gaza

01-12-09 Resolution to Support Implementation of Econonic Crisis Committee Report & Economic Crisis Committee Report

01-26-09 Resolution Demanding the Immediate Opening of Border Crossings Into Gaza

02-09-09 Resolution Supporting California Public Worker Actions

02-09-09 Resolution on the San Francisco 8

04-06-09 Resolution Calling for Greater Consultation & Unity

04-06-09 Resolution Opposing SEIU’s Attempted Hostile Takeover of UNITE HERE & its Jurisdiction

04-06-09 Resolution on SFLC Support for SEIU Locals

04-13-09 Resolution on SFLC Support for Larry Mazzola Jr. for Golden Gate Bridge Board

04-13-09 Resolution Endorsing Workers’ Memorial Day on April 28, 2009

04-27-09 Resolution in Support of May Day Immigrant Rights & ILWU Actions

05-04-09 Resolution Regarding Tesco/Fresh & Easy

05-11-09 Resolution in Support of Young Workers Unite

05-11-09 Resolution Commemorating the 1934 General & Maritime Strikes

05-11-09 Resolution Opposing Any Fees for the Arboretum or Botanical Gardens in Golden Gate Park

06-08-09 Resolution Opposing Contracting Out & Supporting City Services & Workers

06-08-09 Resolution in Support of California LifeLine Phone Service

06-08-09 Resolution in Support of US Government Backing of California Bonds

07-06-09 Resolution in Support of Export Zone Workers in the Philippines

07-13-09 Resolution in Support of HR 2404, calling for an Exit Strategy in Afghanistan

07-13-09 Resolution on Coup in Honduras

07-27-09 Resolution in Support of Korean Workers & Solidarity Action

08-03-09 Resolution to AFL-CIO 2009 Convention for Single-Payer Healthcare — HR 676

08-03-09 Resolution to Remove Michael J. Astrue as Commissioner of the Social Security Administration

08-03-09 Resolution in Support of the March for Jobs & Global Week in Solidarity with the Unemployed — Pittsburgh, Sept 20-26, 2009

08-24-09 Resolution in Support of Northern California Conference in Defense of Public Education

08-24-09 Resolution in Support of HR847/S1334: 9/11 Health & Compensation Act

09-21-09 Resolution Opposing NUMMI Plant Shutdown

09-21-09 Resolution in Support of October 17th Anti-War March & Rally

09-28-09 Resolution in Support of Creating Progressive Tax/Majority Rule Coalition

09-28-08 Resolution in Support of ACORN

09-28-09 Resolution in Support of a United Ireland

09-28-09 Resolution on Honduras

10-05-09 Resolution in Support of the Cuban 5

10-26-09 Resolution Regarding the Credit & Banking Industries

11-09-09 Resolution Defending Immigrant Youths & Families

11-09-09 Resolution in Solidarity with UPTE-CWA 9119

12-14-09 Resolution in Support of SF Public Access Station

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