2008 Resolutions

01/14/08 Resolution Regarding the Settler Attack on Mohammed Khatib and Abdullah Abu Rahme

01/14/08 Resolution in Support of the Gulf Coast Housing Recovery Act – S. 1668

01/28/08 Resolution in Support of the Mexican Copper Miners

02/11/08 Resolution Honoring U.S. Congressman Tom Lantos

02/11/08 Resolution Endorsing Peace Conference on 03/01/08

02/11/08 Resolution in Support of HR 676 – National Insurance Act

03/03/08 Resolution in Support of “Let California Ring”

03/10/08 Resolution in Support of Puerto Rican Teachers

03/24/08 Resolution in Support of ILWU’s May Day Action

05/05/08 Resolution in Support of Funding for Schools & Public Needs with Vision, Values and Progressive Taxation

05/05/08 Resolution in Support of June 19 Rally at America’s Health Insurance Plans Conference & of HR 676 and SB 840

06/02/08 Resolution for United Day of Action in Support of Public Workers 

06/09/08 Resolution Supporting a Moratorium on Foreclosures, Evictions & Demolition

07/14/08 Resolution Regarding the 7/21/08 Cover of The New Yorker

07/14/08 Resolution to Stop Escalating the Confrontation with Iran & Reduce the Danger of Another Military Conflict in the Persian Gulf

07/14/08 Resolution to Support the Tribunal Investigating Murders of Union Leaders in Columbia

09/02/08 Resolution Commending Israeli-Palestinian Trade Union Agreement

09/22/08 Resolution Opposing Financial Bailout

10/27/08 Resolution Endorsing LaborTech 2008

11/24/08 Resolution Opposing Privatization of Water Treatment Facilities

11/24/08 Resolution on 1/26/09 Economic Forum

11/24/08 Resolution in Support of LIUNA Organizing Drive of Residential Construction Workers

11/24/08 Resolution to Establish an Economic Crisis Committee

12/08/08 Resolution Opposing the Privatization of Pemex

12/08/08 Resolution Opposing the Privatization of Pemex – Spanish Translation

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