November 3, 2020 General Election

Local Ballot Measures
Measure A: Health & Homelessness, Parks & Streets Bond: Vote YES
Measure B:
Department of Sanitation and Streets, Sanitation and Streets Commission, and Public Works Commission: Vote YES
Measure C:
Removing Citizenship Requirements for Members of City Bodies: Vote YES
Measure D: Sheriff Oversight: Vote YES
Measure E:
Police Staffing: Vote YES
Measure F:
Business Tax Overhaul: Vote YES
Measure G:
Youth Voting in Local Elections: Vote YES
Measure H:
Neighborhood Commercial Districts & City Permitting: No Recommendation
Measure I:
Real Estate Transfer Tax: No Recommendation
Measure J:
Parcel Tax for SF Unified School District: Vote YES
Measure K:
Affordable Housing Authorization: Vote YES
Measure L: CEO Tax
: Business Tax Based on Comparison of Top Executive’s Pay to Employees’ Pay: Vote YES
Measure RR:
Caltrain Sales Tax: Vote YES

SF Board of Supervisors
District 1: Connie Chan
District 3: Aaron Peskin
District 5: Dean Preston
District 7: #1 Vilaska Nguyen #2 Myrna Melgar #3 Ben Matranga
District 9: Hillary Ronen
District 11: Ahsha Safaí

Board of Education (4 seats)
Matt Alexander
Kevine Boggess
Jenny Lam
Mark Sanchez

City College Board of Trustees (4 seats)
Aliya Chisti
Tom Temprano
Shanell Williams
Alan Wong
Han Zou

BART Board
District 7: Lateefah Simon
District 9: Bevan Dufty

State Ballot Measures
Proposition 14: Authorizes Bonds to Continue Funding Stem Cell and Other Medical Research. No Recommendation
Proposition 15: Increases Funding for Public Schools, Community Colleges, and Local Government Services by Changing Tax Assessment of Commercial and Industrial Property. Vote YES
Proposition 16: Authorizes California Repeal Proposition 209 Affirmative Action Amendment. Vote YES
Proposition 17: Authorizes California Voting Rights Restoration for Persons on Parole Amendment. Vote YES
Proposition 18: California Voting for 17-Year-Olds Amendment.  Vote YES
Proposition 19: Property Tax Transfers, Exemptions, and Revenue for Wildfire Agencies and Counties Amendment.  Vote YES
Proposition 20: Restricts Parole for Non-violent Offenders. Authorizes Felony Sentences for Certain Offenses Currently Treated Only as Misdemeanors. Vote NO
Proposition 21: Expands Local Government’s Authority to Enact Rent Control on Residential Property. No Recommendation
Proposition 22: Changes Employment Classification Rules for App-based Transportation and Delivery Drivers. Vote NO
Proposition 23: Authorizes State Regulation of Kidney Dialysis Clinics. Establishes Minimum Staffing and Other Requirements. Vote YES
Proposition 24: Amends Consumer Privacy Laws. No Recommendation
Proposition 25: Referendum to Overturn 2018 Law that Replaced Money Bail System with a System Based on Public Safety Risk. Vote YES

Check back for updates on Labor’s endorsements.

State Assembly
District 17: David Chiu
District 19: Phil Ting

State Senate: OPEN

U.S. Congress: Nancy Pelosi

Candidate Questionnaires
District 1
Connie Chan
Marjan Philhour

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