The SFLC runs a dynamic, grassroots operation to pass pro-worker legislation and elect pro-worker candidates – and hold them accountable! Our campaign to take back the White House and keep San Francisco labor-friendly is underway. Volunteer  and get involved! Here are some vital aspects of our 365-day a year political program:

Endorsements The SFLC endorses candidates for local elections (Mayor, Board of Supervisors, School Board, etc). The SFLC recommends candidates for state offices such as Governor, State Senate, Assembly to the California Labor Federation. Several months before an election is held, the SFLC interviews candidates. Look for information at delegate meetings about upcoming interviews. Each candidate must complete a written questionnaire to be considered for and interview and endorsement. The Executive Committee and delegate body approve recommendations from the COPE Committee.

Phone Banking Union volunteers begin phone banking from the SFLC and satellite sites several weeks before an election. Phone contact is efficient and effective. When we talk worker-to-worker, voters connect with the issues. Training and dinner is provided at all phone bank sessions. During our last election we had 3,349 volunteer shifts filled by our great volunteers who had a great time!

Precinct Walking Talking to members face-to-face is a very effective way to reach members and make a strong personal connection. When union members go door to door to do political education our members are happy to hear from someone who takes the time to visit.

Labor’s Legislative Conference The SFLC participates in the California Labor Federation/State Building Trades annual legislative conference in Sacramento. Union members have an opportunity to meet face-to-face with elected leaders to discuss issues important to working families and secure commitments on important legislation. Union members receive one day of training on the current legislation and the following day are able to meet with legislators directly. Ask your union representative about representing your local.

Political/Community Organizing Committee (P/COC) P/COC meets regularly throughout the year to coordinate the SFLC’s political program. Affiliates participate in long-term strategic planning for the SFLC political program, put together campaign calendars, share and learn best practices, and conduct volunteer recruitment. Please contact your union rep and/or the SFLC’s Campaign Director  if you’d like to participate.

Resources Available through the SFLC The SFLC can assist your local in planning voter registration campaigns, volunteer recruitment outreach and worksite education programs.


Everything we negotiate at the bargaining table is vulnerable to changes in federal, state and local law as well as the political clout of big business. Working together, union members provide the “people power” that makes the difference in government, and thereby in our lives.

When union members get involved and own the political process, we can create powerful coalitions in our communities that deliver results.

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