Press Releases

January 2020: Medicare for All Gains Traction at Capitol

December 31, 2019: Gig Companies’ Lawsuit Meritless, California Unions Vow to Defend Landmark AB 5 Law

December 31, 2019: Teamsters Joint Council 7 Supports AB 5, Denounces Lawsuit by Uber, Postmates

November 30, 2018: San Francisco Public Service Workers Coalition Urges City Leaders to Invest $415 Million Revenue to Address Income Inequality

November 26, 2018: LGBTQ Leaders & Community Allies Picket with Striking Hospitality Workers

June 27, 2018: Workers Stand Together in the Face of Janus v. AFSCME Decision

June 26, 2018: Labor Stands with Immigrants; Denounces Travel Ban Decision

January 8, 2018: Ending Temporary Protected Status for El Salvador Undermines Our Freedom to Fight for All Working People

December 12, 2017: Statement from Executive Director Tim Paulson on the Passing of Mayor Ed Lee

December 7, 2017: Trump Administration’s SCOTUS Brief Threatens Working People’s Livelihoods 

November 21, 2017: Judge Orders Hugo Mejía Released on Bond: #FreeHugo Campaign Brings Labor, Faith, and Community Together

June 15, 2017: Statement from the Labor Council on the Shootings at UPS Facility

April 26, 2017: Why Our Unions Will Be Out in the Streets on May Day

February 15, 2017: Statement by Executive Director Tim Paulson on “A Day without Immigrants” Action on 002/16/17

June 23, 2016: Statement by Executive Director Tim Paulson on United States v Texas Supreme Court Ruling

October 5, 2015: Statement by California Labor Federation Executive Secretary Treasurer Art Pulaski: Californians Deserve Better than Another Rotten Trade Deal

March 23, 2014: Strike Averted: AFSCME 3299 & UC Reach Tentative Agreement

March 19, 2014: Bay Area Immigrant Rights Organizations Reject White House Token Action: Call on Obama to Halt All Deportations and End Detention Quotas

Members of SF Board of Supervisors to Introduce Resolution to Stop Deportations, Extend Deferred Action & Stop the Firings with Support of the SF Labor Council and other Labor & Community Organizations

July 9, 2013: Joint Statement by Labor Leaders & Assemblymember Ammiano on CCSF Accreditation Decision

March 13, 2013: SF Labor Council & Union Members Hold Mass Call-In Action Calling for Immigration Reform with a Path to Citizenship

February 25, 2013: SF Labor Council Holds Forum on Comprehensive Immigration Reform

November 14, 2012: Labor Leader & Pioneer LGBT Activist Howard Wallace Passes Away

October 17, 2012: Important Update from the 19th District Assembly Race

September 30, 2012: Governor Vetoes Historic Domestic Worker Bill

November 5, 2010: Statement by Tim Paulson on 2010 Election Results

September 21, 2010: SFLC Endorses Candidates for Board of Education

July 7, 2010: Statement on Adachi Penion Measure

June 30, 2010: Statement by Executive Director Tim Paulson on U.S. Supreme Court Rejection of Challenge to Healthy San Francisco

June 2, 2010: Community Benefits Agreement for Hunter’s Point – Candlestick Point Hailed as Model of Responsible Development

May 25, 2010: Labor Says NO to Proposition 14

April 15, 2010: SFLC Votes to Endorse Gavin Newsom for Lt. Governor

February 9, 2010: Statement by SFLC ED Tim Pauslon & SFLC Public Employee Chair Bob Muscat on Public Employees

November 21, 2009: Statement by Tim Paulson on Senate Cloture Vote on Health Care Bill

July 14, 2009: Statement by Tim Paulson on U.S. House Health Reform Bill

June 17, 2009: Workers, Allies Protest Corporate Tax Giveaways at Chevron Gas Station in San Francisco

June 13, 2009: San Francisco Families to Protest Governor’s Proposed Cuts to Education, Health Care, Public Safety and Other Vital Services

April 26, 2009: SFLC Executive Director Tim Paulson Elected Chair of the California Democratic Party’s Labor Caucus

October 27, 2008: California’s Working People Strongly Opposed to Prop 8

September 20, 2008: Appeals Court Upholds San Francisco Universal Health Care Program; Rules Against Golden Gate Restaurant Association

August 28, 2008: Labor and Demcratic Leaders Respond to Negative Campaign Tactics

June 2, 2008: Statement by Tim Paulson on Election Results

May 16, 2008: SFLC & Allies Reach Historic Community Benefit Agreement for Development in Hunters Point

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