Press Releases

July 22, 2022: San Francisco Labor Council Urges School Board Member Hsu to Resign

June 24, 2022: Statement from Executive Director Kim Tavaglione on the Supreme Court Decision Overturning Roe v. Wade

March 29, 2022: On Cesar Chavez Day the SFLC & UFW Call on Gov Newsom to Sign the Agricultural Labor Relations Voting Choice Act

November 19, 2021: Statement on Kyle Rittenhouse Verdict

November 1, 2021: New Report: “Housing Our Workers: Getting to a Jobs-Housing Fit

October 6, 2021: The SFLC Calls on Hotel Vitale to End Its Contract with Homophobic Contractor Centric

October 5, 2021: Statement from the SFLC’s Public Employee Committee

September 15, 2021: Statement on Resounding Defeat of Recall

August 5, 2021: Statement on the Passing of AFL-CIO President Richard L. Trumka

June 29, 2021: Solidarity Action for Reinstated Urbana Worker on 6/30

April 21, 2021: SFLC Statement on Derek Chauvin Verdict

February 7, 2021: SFUSD Unions and Administration Reach Tentative Agreement on Safety Protocols and Vaccines

February 3, 2021: Unions of SFUSD and SF Labor Council Statement Regarding SFUSD Lawsuit

December 24, 2020: Statement from SFUSD District Unions on the Ongoing Negotiations with the SFUSD on Safe In-Person School Re-Openings

December 19, 2020: Statement from SF Unified School District Unions on Safe School Reopening

November 23, 2020: Kim Tavaglione Selected as Interim Executive Director of the San Francisco Labor Council

November 6, 2020: Thousands Rally in the Bay Area to Count the Vote & Defend Democracy

September 8, 2020: Almost 500 Workers Take to the Streets of San Francisco in Labor Day March for Safety and Survival

September 3, 2020: SF Labor Council Names COVID-19 Corporate “Hall of Shame”

September 2, 2020: AFL-CIO Launches New Web Tool to Help Workers Win Safety Protections at Work

July 31, 2020: Public Employee Committee Statement on Mayor Breed’s Proposed Budget

July 13, 2020: Statement on the Driving for Social Justice Campaign

July 2020: Statement on the Release of Mexican Labor Attorney Susana Prieto and in Support of the Mexican Labor Movement

June 1, 2020: Statement of Bay Area Labor Councils on Killing of George Floyd; A Call for Justice

ATU: George Floyd’s Words a Reminder of the Racism and Hatred Yet to be Overcome

CFT Statement on the Killing of George Floyd: A Call for Racial Justice

AFSCME’s Saunders: There is a Better Way to Channel Our Energy & Anger

SAG-AFTRA Statement on Killing of George Floyd

Teamsters Statement on Murder of George Floyd

SEIU’s Henry: Officers Responsible for George Floyd’s Death Must be Held Accountable

National Nurses Statement on George Floyd and National Policing Practices

NUHW Statement on Police Violence Against African Americans

Statement of AFT Officers on the Killing of George Floyd

Statement from CWA Executive Board on the Need to Dismantle the Racism that Plagues Our Communities

APALA Enraged by Asian American Officer Who Stood as a Bystander During George Floyd’s Violent Murder

United Steel Workers on Solidarity and Justice for Black Lives

CBTU: No Justice No Peace

April 12, 2020: SF Labor Statement of Support of a Green New Deal

January 2020: Medicare for All Gains Traction at Capitol

December 31, 2019: Gig Companies’ Lawsuit Meritless, California Unions Vow to Defend Landmark AB 5 Law

December 31, 2019: Teamsters Joint Council 7 Supports AB 5, Denounces Lawsuit by Uber, Postmates

November 30, 2018: San Francisco Public Service Workers Coalition Urges City Leaders to Invest $415 Million Revenue to Address Income Inequality

November 26, 2018: LGBTQ Leaders & Community Allies Picket with Striking Hospitality Workers

June 27, 2018: Workers Stand Together in the Face of Janus v. AFSCME Decision

June 26, 2018: Labor Stands with Immigrants; Denounces Travel Ban Decision

January 8, 2018: Ending Temporary Protected Status for El Salvador Undermines Our Freedom to Fight for All Working People

December 12, 2017: Statement from Executive Director Tim Paulson on the Passing of Mayor Ed Lee

December 7, 2017: Trump Administration’s SCOTUS Brief Threatens Working People’s Livelihoods 

November 21, 2017: Judge Orders Hugo Mejía Released on Bond: #FreeHugo Campaign Brings Labor, Faith, and Community Together

June 15, 2017: Statement from the Labor Council on the Shootings at UPS Facility

April 26, 2017: Why Our Unions Will Be Out in the Streets on May Day

February 15, 2017: Statement by Executive Director Tim Paulson on “A Day without Immigrants” Action on 002/16/17

June 23, 2016: Statement by Executive Director Tim Paulson on United States v Texas Supreme Court Ruling

October 5, 2015: Statement by California Labor Federation Executive Secretary Treasurer Art Pulaski: Californians Deserve Better than Another Rotten Trade Deal

March 23, 2014: Strike Averted: AFSCME 3299 & UC Reach Tentative Agreement

March 19, 2014: Bay Area Immigrant Rights Organizations Reject White House Token Action: Call on Obama to Halt All Deportations and End Detention Quotas

Members of SF Board of Supervisors to Introduce Resolution to Stop Deportations, Extend Deferred Action & Stop the Firings with Support of the SF Labor Council and other Labor & Community Organizations

July 9, 2013: Joint Statement by Labor Leaders & Assemblymember Ammiano on CCSF Accreditation Decision

March 13, 2013: SF Labor Council & Union Members Hold Mass Call-In Action Calling for Immigration Reform with a Path to Citizenship

February 25, 2013: SF Labor Council Holds Forum on Comprehensive Immigration Reform

November 14, 2012: Labor Leader & Pioneer LGBT Activist Howard Wallace Passes Away

October 17, 2012: Important Update from the 19th District Assembly Race

September 30, 2012: Governor Vetoes Historic Domestic Worker Bill

November 5, 2010: Statement by Tim Paulson on 2010 Election Results

September 21, 2010: SFLC Endorses Candidates for Board of Education

July 7, 2010: Statement on Adachi Penion Measure

June 30, 2010: Statement by Executive Director Tim Paulson on U.S. Supreme Court Rejection of Challenge to Healthy San Francisco

June 2, 2010: Community Benefits Agreement for Hunter’s Point – Candlestick Point Hailed as Model of Responsible Development

May 25, 2010: Labor Says NO to Proposition 14

April 15, 2010: SFLC Votes to Endorse Gavin Newsom for Lt. Governor

February 9, 2010: Statement by SFLC ED Tim Pauslon & SFLC Public Employee Chair Bob Muscat on Public Employees

November 21, 2009: Statement by Tim Paulson on Senate Cloture Vote on Health Care Bill

July 14, 2009: Statement by Tim Paulson on U.S. House Health Reform Bill

June 17, 2009: Workers, Allies Protest Corporate Tax Giveaways at Chevron Gas Station in San Francisco

June 13, 2009: San Francisco Families to Protest Governor’s Proposed Cuts to Education, Health Care, Public Safety and Other Vital Services

April 26, 2009: SFLC Executive Director Tim Paulson Elected Chair of the California Democratic Party’s Labor Caucus

October 27, 2008: California’s Working People Strongly Opposed to Prop 8

September 20, 2008: Appeals Court Upholds San Francisco Universal Health Care Program; Rules Against Golden Gate Restaurant Association

August 28, 2008: Labor and Democratic Leaders Respond to Negative Campaign Tactics

June 2, 2008: Statement by Tim Paulson on Election Results

May 16, 2008: SFLC & Allies Reach Historic Community Benefit Agreement for Development in Hunters Point

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