COVID-19 Corporate Hall of Shame

Furloughed and frontline workers alike are struggling for safety and survival during the COVID-19 pandemic.

But some CEO’s and corporations are exploiting the COVID-19 pandemic and seek only to boost their own bottom line. The San Francisco Labor Council’s COVID-19 Hall of Shame exposes the worst corporate offenders who are breaking laws, cheating our communities, and exacerbating the public health crisis in our City.

Since reopening the St. Regis San Francisco, Marriott has repeatedly broken the law and endangered workers by violating safety requirements in the Healthy Buildings Ordinance. Marriott has also refused to continue furloughed workers’ health insurance.

The cleaning contractor at Lyft’s corporate headquarters has fired janitors instead of furloughing them with the right to return to work. Meanwhile, Lyft is spending millions in support of Prop. 22, a deceptive ballot measure designed to allow app companies to continue exploiting drivers for profit.

The San Francisco Giants have abandoned concessions workers during COVID-19. The Giants are worth $3.1 billion, but they have refused to even negotiate about support for ballpark workers who’ve been locked out of their livelihoods and are now struggling to survive.

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