Executive Director Rudy Gonzalez

In 2018, Rudy Gonzalez was selected to be the youngest Executive Director and first person of color to head the San Francisco Labor Council in its 125 year history.

As a volunteer member organizer with Teamsters Local 856, he learned to campaign in the South, where he saw firsthand the struggle that workers face when they come together to form a union. Informed by the social justice doctrine of his Catholic upbringing and motivated by a sense of stewardship instilled by his father’s lifelong career as a firefighter, he found purpose in building power for vulnerable workers.

After leading organizing campaigns that nearly doubled the size and strength of his local union, he became a director and officer of Local 856. In May of 2018, Rudy was selected by the Executive Committee to assist the Council during a time of transition as Interim Executive Director. In August of 2018, Rudy was nominated and elected unanimously by the Council delegates to his first two-year term.

At the Council, Rudy leads the staff team as they work together to assist affiliate unions with political mobilization, contract campaigns and strategic organizing. He enjoys spending time with his family in Oakland, where he resides with his wife, Sarah, and their three children, Zoe, Jules and Isaac.

Contact Rudy:
(415) 794-0377

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