Law and Legislative Committee

The Law and Legislative Committee develops legislative action programs in conjunction with the Executive Director of the Council. It also is charged with researching local ballot measures and recommending positions on ballot measures to the SFLC Delegate Body. It is currently chaired by Catherine Powell, CFA. It meets on an as-needed basis.

Current Members of the Law & Legislative Committee

  • Rudy Gonzalez, Executive Director
  • Mike Casey, SFLC President, Unite Here 2
  • Olga Miranda, SFLC Secretary Treasurer, SEIU 87
  • Susan Solomon, SFLC Vice President for Political Activities, UESF
  • Larry Mazzola Jr., SFLC Vice President for Affiliate Support, Plumbers 38
  • Conny Ford, SFLC Vice President for Community Activities, OPEIU 29
  • Chair Catherine Powell, CFA
  • Julie Fisher, UFCW 5
  • Zach Goldman, IFPTE 21
  • Cynthia Gomez, Unite Here 2
  • Corey Hallman, IBT 856
  • Anabel Ibanez, UESF
  • Alyssa Jones-Garner, SEIU 1021
  • Roger Marenco, TWU 250-A
  • Jane Martin, SEIU USWW

Upcoming Law & Legislative Committee Meetings

  • TBD

Please contact Chair Catherine Powell at or(415) 531-6576 for more information.

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