Committees are vitally important to develop and implement policies, position, and programs of the Council. Committees maximize participation and input in the decision-making process. The current standing and special committees of the Labor Council are as follows:

The Executive Committee is authorized and empowered to take such action and render such decisions as may be necessary to carry out the decisions and instructions of the SFLC delegate body, and as may be necessary and appropriate to safeguard and promote the best interests of the Council and its affiliate unions. The Executive Committee is chaired by the president of the Council.

The Law and Legislative Committee develops legislation action programs in conjunction with the Executive Director of the Council. It is currently chaired by Catherine Powell, CFA.

The Constitution & Bylaws Committee updates the language and policies of the Labor Council.

The Public Employees Committee comprises all public sector unions affiliated with the Council. This committee is currently chaired by John Stead-Mendez, SEIU 1021, with Larry Mazzola Jr., UA 38, serving as the vice-chair.

The Labor Neighbor Committee on Political Education (COPE) has the responsibility of political education, voter registration, and endorsement and support of candidates and ballot propositions. It is chaired by the Executive Director of the Council.

Other committees serve as the need arises, called into action during labor disputes or for picket lines, demonstrations, and actions to help maintain the morale of workers in need.

Ad hoc committees also assist unions in organizing drives and help with home visits, phone banks, and elections.

Committee chairs are appointed by the president of the Council and play an important role in guiding the work of the committees. Chairs are responsible for reporting the committees’ activities to the delegates.

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