Vigil for Safe Schools for All: Gun Control Now

Title: Vigil for Safe Schools for All: Gun Control Now
Location: SF City Hall
Start Time: 18:00
Date: 2022-05-31

Safe Schools for All: Gun Control Now
A Vigil to Honor the lives of Robb ES Students & Educators
SF City Hall
6pm Tues. May 31 

Join labor unions, educators, and our communities in a vigil to commemorate the lives tragically lost in the horrific mass shooting in Udalve, Texas. No community, no school, no family should live through what those in Buffalo, New York and in Udalve, Texas have experienced this month.

We gather to stand in solidarity with those who are personally grieving the loss of young people and loved ones, and for all the lives lost in mass shootings and gun violence.

We gather to demand that the United States government take immediate action to ensure no communities suffer this in the future. None of us are safe until ALL of us are safe.

Hosted by United Educators of San Francisco
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