Cesar Chavez Day Action: Support United Farm Workers!

Title: Cesar Chavez Day Action: Support United Farm Workers!
Location: Cesar Chavez Street, SF (Details TBA)
Start Time: 12:00
Date: 2022-03-31

The United Farm Workers are working to pass the Agricultural Labor Relations Voting Choice Act that would grant farm workers the same voting options in union elections, such as vote by mail, that CA voters have enjoyed for years.

Not only did Governor Newsom veto this bill last year despite overwhelming support in the CA legislature, he has now chosen not to meet with UFW’s elected leadership on Cesar Chavez Day. But Farm Workers won’t be silent. A worker delegation will go to Sacramento to meet with the state Latino Caucus on March 31. Support them by signing their petition today.

Here in the Bay Area, the Labor Council will be supporting these workers on Cesar Chavez Day by organizing a human billboard calling on Governor Newsom to meet with UFW. We will help drive home the message that a living legacy to Cesar is not just proclamations and holidays; it’s meeting with those most impacted when making public policy decisions. It’s taking decisive steps to make real change.

Sign up for the Cesar Chavez Day Action HERE. We will meet at Noon on Cesar Chavez Street. More details to come.

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