National Week of Mourning

Title: National Week of Mourning
Start Date: 2020-10-04
End Date: 2020-10-11

Over 200,000 family, friends, neighbors, frontline workers, nurses, teachers, and Americans from every other walk of life have been lost to COVID-19 — all without the opportunity to safely mourn.

We will not be silent about their lives.

The week of October 4th to 11th we will meet together to honor and remember our loved ones who are gone, and resolve ourselves to prevent more deaths in the future.

All events will respect public safety and gather in well-ventilated areas, wearing appropriate masks.

We encourage local unions to register your own events at worksites and union halls to honor your fallen. To sign up to host your own event or find one near you go to Please feel free to post and share the below graphic and video.

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