Join AFT 2121 to Protest $100,000 Raises for Administrators amid Massive Class Cuts, Faculty Layoffs

Title: Join AFT 2121 to Protest $100,000 Raises for Administrators amid Massive Class Cuts, Faculty Layoffs
Location: Conlan Hall ~ CCSF Ocean Campus
After months of shrinking our curriculum, cancelling classes, laying off counselors, and cutting library hours, Chancellor Mark Rocha handed out enormous raises to college administrators, increasing some salaries by over $100,000, and pushing the pay of Senior Vice Chancellors Tom Boegel, Dianna Gonzales, and Rueben Smith to well over a quarter million dollars!
These raises were built in to the budget approved by the Board of Trustees on August 22nd. Board members contend they did not explicitly approve these administrative raises which means there is still time for the Board to

push the Chancellor to put a stop to this!
Right now, admin are cutting fully enrolled sections. Library and Counseling hours have been slashed. This decision to prioritize raises for top administrators comes immediately after Rocha, citing budget constraints, cancelled over 100 Fall semester classes, laid off numerous academic counselors and instructors, and cut library hours and other student services. This is forcing over-crowding of the sections that remain. How can our chancellor justify using the college’s funds to line the pockets of the same people who are making these cuts?

Faculty and students are justifiably incensed, and we will not stand for it!
AFT 2121 calls on all members to join us on Thursday, Sept. 12, at 11:00 a.m. at Conlan Hall to show our outrage and demand:
o An immediate, emergency meeting of the Board of Trustees Budget Committee on the proposed administrative salary scale
o Cancellation of these increases
o Redirection of these funds to recall laid off counselors & instructors and restore cancelled classes and library hours.

We know that many of you are teaching during that time. Never-fear! You can still stand with us:
• Wear your #RedForEd AFT T-shirt or a red outfit on Thursday.
• Take a solidarity selfie with your colleagues and students. If possible, make and hold a sign that describes what other priorities at our college the hundreds of thousands of dollars in these raises could be used for.
o Send to James and Athena
o Post and share on social media and, if you’re able, tag Rocha and Trustees.

More info: 415-585-2121

Start Time: 11:00
Date: 2019-09-12

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