Join NABET CWA at a Rally & Protest for a Fair Contract with KQED

Title: Join NABET CWA at a Rally & Protest for a Fair Contract with KQED
Location: SF Design Center ~ 101 Henry Adams Street, SF
Link out: Click here
Description: Please join NABET-CWA members from KQED TV and Radio on Tuesday, May 22nd to protest the union busting in bargaining that has been going on since October 2016. While NABET Local 51 has represented the workers at KQED for over 60 years – our members have faced take-away’s and threats in bargaining for this contract renewal. When NABET recently gave notice to cancel the contract extension, KQED responded by offering to help members resign from the Union.

When NABET-CWA Local 51 began bargaining at KQED, Trump had not yet been elected….and that seems like a long time ago. Faced with an employer which is VERY successful in fundraising (and recently sold some TV spectrum for $95 million) — which wants to cut union-represented work and only increase employment in non-union areas – NABET-CWA members are fighting back.

This Tuesday May 22nd KQED hosts “Taste and Sip” (tickets $135 & $95) for fans of Check Please!, one of the two programs still produced at KQED (which only wants to create internet programs which it keeps non-union). Sadly, the labor relations at KQED are dying along with TV production.

Come join us for the rally and protest this Tuesday, May 22nd from 5:30 – 7:00 pm at this KQED event called “Taste and Sip” inside at the SF Design Center (101 Henry Adams Street, San Francisco) while we protest outside.

For more information contact Kevin Wilson, Local President, at (415) 398-3160. And visit: KQEDUNIONBUSTING.COM
Start Time: 17:30
Date: 2018-05-22

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