CCSF’s Peer Counseling Basics

Title: CCSF’s Peer Counseling Basics
Location: CCSF Ocean Campus, Multi-Use Bldg Rm 188
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Description: Peer Counseling Basics: Conflict Resolution in the Workplace
Labor and Community Studies Department at City College of San Francisco

Conflict resolution is a combination of tools for improving how we communicate with one another when there are misunderstandings and disagreements. It provides a forum for learning how to negotiate and opportunity to learn new skills for mending the discourse that leads to conflict. Through the lens of social justice, this workshop will explore the role played by Emotional Literacy in creating collaborative work places, organizations and relationships. Students will learn to identify and work with strong feelings, clear the air, recognize the impact of internalized oppression, analyze core problems, negotiate difference and make plans for implementing agreed-­‐upon changes. Skills offered are intended to be helpful to working and organizing in multicultural environments and are also applicable to personal relationships.

Participants will receive relevant materials and writings including a free online link to Emotional Literacy: Intelligence with a Heart -­‐ Learning to Achieve Better Personal and Professional Relationships by Dr.
Claude Steiner.

Instructors Carol Blecker and Ellen Morrison are certified Emotional Literacy trainers, and licensed social workers with many years of experience working in community organizations and will be joined by colleagues from other fields when teaching this workshop.

Where & When
City College of San Francisco
Ocean Campus -­‐ Multi-­‐Use Building Rm 188 Saturdays March 12th & 19th *
8:10 a.m. -­‐ 5:00 p.m. each day
*1 unit available for elective credit for Labor and Community Studies certificate and major as well as CSU elective credit
Cost: $63

To register online go to class code LBCS 103 CRN:75415 (Peer Counseling-­‐The Basics 1.0) at­‐services/admissions-­‐and-­‐registration/registration.html For financial aid call: (415) 239-­‐3576 or
go to:­‐services/financial-­‐aid.html For questions contact: Ellen Morrison at

Start Time: 08:10
Date: 2016-03-12

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