Picket Walmart & Aida Alvarez @ The Fairmont Hotel

Title: Picket Walmart & Aida Alvarez @ The Fairmont Hotel
Location: Fairmont Hotel~ 950 Mason Street, SF
Link out: Click here
Description: Please join #WalmartStrikers This Thursday @5pm from across California to picket Walmart Board Member Aida Alvarez at the Walmart sponsored Latino Community Foundation Gala at the ritzy Fairmont Hotel.

Protesters are calling on Walmart to immediately Reinstate the over 2200 workers who Walmart fired with only five hours notice when Walmart closed their stores under the pretext of a plumbing problem.The truth is that workers at the Pico Rivera store were the first workers to go on strike in Walmart’s history and helped launch the low wage worker movement and fight for $15 and Full Time. These workers are calling on Walmart to reinstate them when the stores are reopened and to fully compensate them while they are unemployed, or alternatively give them work at a nearby store until their store is reopened.

Walmart is telling workers they will have to reapply for jobs in nearby stores and will have no guarantee of keeping their pay and benefits.

Sign our petition and a Legal Notice here: http://action.changewalmart.org/page/s/stop-the-lay-offs

Start Time: 5:00 PM
Date: 2015-04-30

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