Action to Support Workers at CPMC

Title: Action to Support Workers at CPMC
Location: CPMC Cal Campus ~ 3700 California Street, SF
Start Time: 1:15 PM
Date: 2014-11-19

As community organizations active in San Francisco, we are deeply concerned that California Pacific Medical Center (CPMC) is demanding steep cuts to employee health benefits. Workers at CPMC, a majority people of color, are already struggling to pay for housing in San Francisco and cannot afford what is essentially a pay cut. CPMC, as one of the largest private- sector employers in the city, is contributing to the city’s housing affordability crisis by helping to push even more low- and moderate-income people and people of color out of San Francisco.
In contract negotiations with the National Union of Healthcare Workers, CPMC is proposing to boost workers’ out-of-pocket expenses by as much as $3,500 per year. Seventy-nine percent of NUHW’s 742 members—who work in service, secretarial, and nursing support positions—earn less than $50,000/year.

Call on the California Pacific Medical Center to rescind its proposal to cut the health benefits of its workers.

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