Workers Support Jerry Brown

PaulsonTrumkaBrown2010Tonight it became more than clear that Governor Jerry Brown is a California leader for working families. His leadership in inheriting a depression economy that is now creating and recovering more jobs during these last four years is a leadership that the labor movement is proud to support and engage. Funding for our schools and colleges is turning around. With an improving economy the ability to re-build our infrastructure (including an energy-efficient high-speed rail) and improve public services is what Californians want.

In San Francisco politics is never easy, but we recognize that Jerry Brown is a tough and intelligent leader and organizer. Under his  leadership in Sacramento we are on a path to recover the American Dream for hard-working Californians. Vote for Jerry Brown.

And, Jerry, please sign all our worker bills!

Side note: As observed in the “debate” last night, the opponent is a charismatic Wall Street Republican who is clueless about government and democracy — a wolf in sheep’s clothing — who cares more about corporations than workers.  (And who, by the way,  could ever again claim membership in the Republican Party after the idiocy and stalemates under John Boehner that have defined the Republican Party in Washington?)

Vote for Jerry Brown.

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