Statement by Executive Director Tim Paulson on the November 2012 Election

Tuesday’s election produced many bright spots for workers both here in San Francisco and around the nation. Collective worker campaigns, begun early, paid heavy dividends with the passage of Prop 30 and the resounding defeat of Prop 32. Here in San Francisco, a broad coalition of labor and community combined to add Measure A, the community college bond, to our issues messaging and San Francisco voters responded with a resounding “Yes.”

Our endorsed candidate in  District One, Eric Mar, surged to a win with over 50% of the vote in the first round and our very own FX Crowley has placed a close second to Norman Yee and is positioned to take the open District Seven seat as we watch the ranked choice voting begin to be tabulated this morning. David Campos, John Avalos and David Chiu cruised to easy victory in their districts, and in District 5 Christina Olague is trailing London Breed by double digits in the first tabulations.

Overall, Obama’s decisive victory has sent a strong message to the world that American workers and voters want a government of inclusion, action and bi-partisanship. Though we sadly won’t see our leader Nancy Pelosi taking back the Speakership, we hope that the message is clear that the previous “do nothing” House is an unacceptable stance for our government.

This election was also a statement about how we treat and respect women’s equal rights. With Elizabeth Warren, Tammy Duckworth, and Tammy Baldwin ascending to the U.S. Senate we hope the anti-Planned Parenthood factions will disappear into the holes they crawled out of.

I want to thank all the labor volunteers from our affiliate unions who have been phoning, walking and organizing for almost three months and who were pounding on doors until 8:00 PM last night. And I want to acknowledge our community partners who joined with us to not only defeat 32 and pass 30, but ensured a clean slate in San Francisco with the passage of A, B, C, and E.

There was also a wonderful new trend with LGBT rights with Maine and Maryland passing marriage equality measures, and Washington poised to do so as well, and Minnesota defeating an anti-equality amendment.

I want to especially thank the San Francisco Labor Council Political Director Amber Parish Baur for her months of organizing and running phone banks, data management and canvas operations. I also want to acknowledge the tremendous organizing work that Ramneek Saini supplemented to our labor campaign. These two women worked over 12 hours a day, often seven days a week. Thank you.

I also want to thank Financial Director Hang Le To for managing the complexity and constant budgeting of the multiple campaigns we operated. And kudos to my assistant Emily Nelson for holding down the roving fort.

Now it’s time to move this great organizing from a defensive posture and find new possibilities to get on the offensive. It’s time to push for what workers want and need.

Thank you all for your commitment to the Movement.

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