Important Update from the 19th District Assembly Race

Conservative businessman and former Goldman Sachs staffer Michael Breyer has launched a vicious and negative self funded campaign.

We need to fight back.

Breyer is running a campaign based on two dangerous pillars. First, he says he wants a return to “traditional” San Francisco values – attacking retirement security, attacking important programs that protect our environment, and attacking proven efforts to protect the health of children.

Second, he’s running an absolutely slanderous campaign funded in large part with his own checkbook.

Don’t let conservative businessman Michael Breyer get away with it. Here’s what you can do:

  1. Spread the word to members just how important it is to support Democrat Phil Ting for Assembly. Ting is endorsed by labor, the Democratic Party, Attorney General Kamala Harris, the Chronicle, Examiner, Sun Reporter and virtually every single other group and leader to take a stand in this race.
  2. Link your website right now to, so members can find the truth about this dangerous businessman.
  3. Help Phil Ting fight back by making the most generous contribution you can afford up to the $3,900 limit. Please mail checks to 1267 20th Avenue, San Francisco, CA 94122 – or make a contribution online at

Thank you. Phil Ting has spent his career in solidarity with working people. This is our chance to show our solidarity with him as he fights back against right-wing attacks.

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