A Huge Victory for Healthcare & for All Americans

As we all know, Nancy Pelosi’s fight for the Affordable Care Act was based on the historic San Francisco Health Care Security Ordinance crafted by Tom Ammiano, the San Francisco Labor Council and our community partners. Our San Francisco legislation is still the closest thing to Universal Health Care in the nation, with the public option that Speaker Pelosi’s House of Representatives passed but the Senate didn’t have the guts to move.

We expected that even the watered down version where the “mandate” without the “public option” would be turned down by the United States Supreme Court – the same court that refused to overturn our historic San Francisco legislation – and we celebrate¬† their discretion to legislative will.¬† We still have much work to do but we applaud the court’s decision to uphold Nancy Pelosi and President Obama’s legislation to provide health care to millions more Americans. Please read these statements from President Obama‘s blog, the California Nurses Association, and the AFL-CIO.

A day to celebrate!

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