99% Spring Training

With the daily actions going on in San Francisco we are feeling that the Movement is coming together more than ever. There seem to be 3 or 4 major planned and strategic actions every week fighting foreclosures, union busting, Occupy defenses, health care attacks, immigrant bashing, contract fights…. The coalition of unions, community groups, and Occupy movements (shout out to my neighborhood OccupyBernal’s groundbreaking actions!) seem to be setting the tone for economic justice in San Francisco.

Although I personally wasn’t involved in the recent 99% Spring Training, I stopped by and was impressed by the talent of the organizers in the room. Thanks to Gordon Mar (Jobs with Justice), Julia Wong (Unite Here Local 2), Ramneek Saini (San Francisco Labor Council), and Sanjay Garla for putting together a great training to keep us smart, diligent, and prepared for all of our actions and fights as we hit the 99% Spring events in San Francisco. Another 30 or 40 organizers and activists could have facilitated this event and the overall talent was amazing.

I implore all of you, as well as the Labor Council, to reach out more – to our unions, community groups, faith groups, and elected officials, who, frankly, could step up a little more…

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