Statement by Tim Paulson on 1st Debate between Brown & Whitman

Last night’s debate clearly showed what type of California we would see if Meg Whitman was elected Governor. Jobs would be cut and outsourced; state services would be slashed; and, implementation of tax cuts to the wealthy would be the major goals of a Whitman administration.
Attorney General Jerry Brown clearly distinguished himself by showing that his experience and lifelong dedication to public service is exactly what working families need to turn California around. He spoke like a leader and demonstrated his hands on approach to governence.

Jerry Brown was a stark contrast to Whitman’s partisanship to Wall Street special interests, her complete inexperience with any type of governence (she doesn’t even vote!), and her history of cutting jobs.

Clearly working men and women need a Governor who has the experience and track record to create jobs. We  don’t need a Goldman Sachs-type of Executive who got us into this financial mess in the first place. We need to go forward, not backward. We need Jerry Brown as Governor.

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