Tim Paulson’s Blog: 4/20/11

Seems that what’s happening in Wisconsin is still the focal point of attacks on American workers by those who are too greedy to care. The ubiquitous Sarah Palin decided to hold a rally in Madison this weekend and supported the Republican’s unprincipled votes to eliminate workers’ rights, even after Wisconsin public workers, police, firefighters, nurses, teachers, and construction workers who repair and maintain our bridges, streets and highways agreed to concessions during this difficult time. Wisconsin is more intelligent than Sarah Palin and not many people showed up. (McCain and the Republicans must really be struggling with the lack of talent in their corporate camp…) Republican legislators are shameless and spineless and we shouldn’t spend much time dealing with the personal careers of a Governor Walker or a Sarah Palin. It’s Corporate America that is seizing this painful economic downturn to advance their anti-union, anti-worker agenda.

American corporations don’t care about America. If they did they would be lending money to stimulate the economy, especially after the U.S. government bailed out the banks that got us into this mess. Instead they are waiting to take their wealth and invest on the best margin, even if it means that the next deal is a non-union, outsourced factory in Mexico or Southeast Asia.

I will give you one sad example. My union, the brothers and sisters in the Bricklayers, Tilelayers and Allied Craftworkers (BAC) is on strike in Las Vegas. Why? Because of the 30-40% unemployment rate and people “sitting on the bench,” the tile and marble contractors imposed a contract that cut high-skilled journeymen wages by over $9 per hour. Hey, let’s punch workers while they’re down. Take advantage of the downturn to increase our profits when work finally starts again.

Public workers, private sectors workers—it doesn’t matter. Republicans and the corporations that fund their elections will stop at nothing to destroy our voice at work, our rights, and our standard of living—all for a business model that is about nothing but Greed. The fights we are in now are defensive, but our resolve will be fierce and we will organize American workers—our union members and the million who want to be represented—to reshape our government to reflect the values of American workers.

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