Memo to SF Supes: On Affordable Housing, Don’t Be Joe Manchin

Approving money for social housing is a clear mandate—and the opposition talking points are the same old tired nonsense we have heard before.

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The City’s Chance to Invest in Housing Our Workers

There was a time when workers in San Francisco, teachers, nurses, craftsmen, hotel and restaurant workers, nonprofit service providers — the folks who built, run and proudly serve this city — could afford a stable, middle-class life for themselves in The City. That’s no longer the case.

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AFL-CIO President Liz Shuler Honors the Service and Dedication of Our Nation’s Veterans

Coast to coast, from the mountains to the plains to small towns and major cities, our own labor family includes more than 1 million veterans. They’ve served our country and continue to serve so much more than themselves by raising their voices on the picket lines, leading negotiations at the collective bargaining table and defending democracy in America’s workplaces.

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