Affiliate in the Spotlight: SAG-AFTRA

Meet SAG-AFTRA! The Screen Actors Guild formed in 1933 during the heyday of the Hollywood studio system, when six actors came together to discuss forming a self-governing organization of film actors. Now, from Fresno to the Oregon border, the Nor-Cal local works to advance, foster, promote and benefit all local SAG-AFTRA performer and broadcast members.

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Government Must Act to Stop Spread of Economic and Financial Consequences of Coronavirus

We have heard a lot about biological contagion and how to stop the spread of coronavirus in our workplaces and our communities. You can get up-to-date information on workplace safety and coronavirus at www.aflcio.org/covid-19 and at the websites of our affiliated unions. But what about financial and economic contagion? This is something elected leaders, economic policymakers and financial regulators must take action to stop.

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Black History Month Profiles: Rev. George W. Lee

For Black History Month, the AFL-CIO is spotlighting various African American leaders and activists who have worked at the intersection of civil and labor rights, with a particular focus on voting rights. Without access to the ballot box and an assurance that everyone’s vote counts, civil and labor rights are among the first to be taken away from working people. Today, we’re looking at the Rev. George W. Lee.

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