Union Night at AT&T Park

3-Time World Champion SF Giants vs. the Arizona Diamonbacks
Monday, August 27th
First Pitch: 7:15 PM

Buy a block of tickets for your members. Let’s show San Francisco and AT&T Park the strength and unity of the SF Labor Movement!

Ticket price is $20 per ticket. Minimum purchase is 5 tickets per organization.

5 tickets ($100) 20 tickets ($400) 10 tickets ($200) 50 tickets ($1000)

Tickets available until sold out. If not sold out beforehand, the deadline for ticket requests is Friday, August 4, 2017. Please email your ticket request to Emily Nelson at Emily@sflaborcouncil.org or fax it to (415) 440-9297.

Please note that in order to sit with the Labor Council’s block of seats you must reserve your tickets through the Labor Council rather than through the Giants.

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