BART Management Forces a Strike by John Logan sf-bart-strike-2013

Now that a second BART strike is upon us, let’s be clear about one thing: this strike is absolutely unnecessary and could easily have been prevented.

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Tim Paulson Reports Back on the AFL-CIO Convention AFL-CIOOfficers2013

I spent five days in Los Angeles as your delegate to the AFL-CIO Convention. This was my fourth convention over the last 15 years, but this was the first time that delegates and guests, committee members and presenters actually looked like the American work force. The diversity was very striking. White haired white guys like me were still in force but the buzz was different. I know that the Labor Councils and unions in California played a huge part in this transformation.

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BART Management’s Refusal to Compromise Will Have Dire Consequences for Bay Area keepbartrunning

Negotiating a fair contract is a complex process that involves hard work and commitment from both labor and management. When both sides bargain in good faith and share a goal of securing a deal, a deal eventually gets done. In the BART negotiations, unfortunately that hasn’t been the case.

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