Gov. Brown Signs Landmark Bill to Protect Temp Workers BrownBillSigning

As Vice President Joe Biden might say, this is a BFD. Last night Gov. Jerry Brown signed into law AB 1897, a landmark bill to curb abuses against temporary workers.

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Executive Director Tim Paulson Shares Tom Hayden’s Comments on President Obama’s Speech THayden

I’d like to share some thoughts from a stellar friend of mine who has devoted much of his life to the anti-war movement: Tom Hayden. Tom served for many years as an elected California Assemblymember and State Senator and worked to improve the lives of working Californians. Tom Hayden writes everyday. Here are his recent thoughts on President Obama’s speech on Syria, Iraq, and the Middle East.

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Workers Support Jerry Brown PaulsonTrumkaBrown2010

Tonight it became more than clear that Governor Jerry Brown is a California leader for working families. Jerry Brown is a tough and intelligent leader and organizer. Under his leadership in Sacramento we are on a path to recover the American Dream for hard-working Californians. Vote for Jerry Brown.

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